date06-20-2015 08:22
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Hey there fellow sierra game players.

I know it has been a few months since i posted anything on here, so here it is.

I've spent most of the free time i have working on the Half-Life downloadurl patch.

Progress is very good, I have the functions working correctly with the game and just need to finish the actual http request/download, Im sure There is a simple http/download C++ library somewhere, any suggestions?

Not a whole lot has been done to the server code, it is all working together nicely. I have worked a little on the authenticatio ... read more

date06-20-2014 12:25
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The NEUWON.NET Website is finally public!
It is currently in the works and not completely finished, therefore expect changes in the theme.

We need you!
to host the directory, dbproxy, and most importantly: Routing server (Both generation 1 and 2)for games that require it for their lobby and ability to find game servers.
Games that require a routing server:
Startrek armada
Homeworld & Cataclysm
Darkreign 2
and a few others

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