date10-26-2015 08:51

I appologize for the recent server outages.

I was having issues with the processor fan. One of the blades broke off and it kept overheating.

I have the problem temporarly fixed with another fan just sitting on a head sync...

The hlds patch is taking longer than expected. I cant seem to get hlds to load my patch without crashing (though if i inject it manually it works fine..)

So I will try to keep everyone updates as things progress.

thanks for everyones patients

#1 Terminator827
on October 26 2015 10:49:15
No problem, ben. No need to rush things. I would sudgest using a batch script for windows and an sl script for linux to do the injection process instead of launching from the executable directly. it's a workaround, but at least it works.
#2 ben
on October 26 2015 23:37:04
actually, thats a very good idea for a temporary work around for public testing
I think i will do that so i can push this out. then work on getting it into the executable.

I already got the Half-life patch added into the executable so there is no need to do anything special.

But the linux stuff is not my forte, if someone knows how to do it then i could use their help.. Im not sure how to hook functions (without completely detouring a function) on linux
#3 8BitGordon
on November 01 2015 13:07:45
Um, okay, just don't cancel it please Shock .
#4 noobstriker2002
on November 18 2015 14:07:58
hi there ! ! !
#5 noobstriker2002
on November 18 2015 14:08:36
im happy that this network is still alive til today Cool
#6 Terminator827
on December 06 2015 04:23:43
any new updates?
#7 Namman
on December 08 2015 14:09:14
Hi ben! Deep respect, im happy that your WON authentication ressurection! Smile
Steamless (WON2) and any little projects not working or it's all over.

My dedicate linux CS 1.5 server running recently again, after Segmentation fault (core dumped) crashed.Shock

The problem is global, servers are crashing randomly on mapchange with it.



Trying to authenticate with WON servers
Error connecting to Auth server: ES_INVALID_ADDR.
No auth servers parsed from {
Disabling Valve Authentication.

So running, but without authentication unstable, truncated server e.g: some amxmodx admin and stats functions

That is ever since steam, no steam = no support Angry
#8 Terminator827
on December 24 2015 09:27:09
Well, i was hoping it would be done by christmas or the new year, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it's not happening anytime soon.
#9 ben
on December 24 2015 10:26:26
well hl is taking longer than i anticipated. I will hopefully be releasing patches for other games such as homeworld, darkreign 2 and a few others on christmas day in the afternoon when my sons mom decides to take him. i got the hlds patch ASLDR compliant, my dumbass hard-coded all the addresses in the client patch so i need to calculate the correct address. there are alot so it may take a month or two. Hopefuly i will have some good news tommarrow
#10 Terminator827
on December 30 2015 03:48:02
so... what's the good news?
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