The half-life client patch is complete. I am just finishing the new cdkey system and installer.
Estimated code time 3hrs to 2 days

The half-life Server patch is done, I just need to edit swds.dll to automatically load the patch when a server starts.
Estimated code time: 10mins to 3 hours

At the moment I have no idea how to create a linux hlds patch, if anyone has suggestions please tell me.
Estimated time (after i figure out how linux binary patching works) 2hrs to 3 days

The backend Server code is complete. It just seems some configuration tweaks so all WON Games will have a lobby and chatrooms plus the ability to create your own chatrooms (think half-life's create room button)
Estimated time: 5hrs to 4-7 days -- this one is quite tedius

So as you can see there is not much left to get the network launched.
The problem is time. Currently I am the only one working on the project.
When Im not sleeping im working, If im not working im at school, If im not at school I have with My son.

My free time is verrrry limited.
I will let you know. dont worry!

After the network is launched I will be working on integrating things such as a full network user search for the website. A complete Hosting control panel (possibly offering game server hosting for games)

And Most importantly I need to create a Web Neuwon Server Management system for easy Network Administration.

So dont be scared, the project is still alive.

Hopefuly if my freetime isnt cut short this will be launched by the middle or end of the next month (october)

#1 Terminator827
on September 29 2015 04:14:03
GAH! this is driving me crazy! [MK voice] FINISH IT!
#2 Namman
on December 08 2015 14:07:21
Hi ben! Deep respect, im happy that your WON authentication ressurection! Smile
Steamless (WON2) and any little projects not working or it's all over.

My dedicate linux CS 1.5 server running recently again, after Segmentation fault (core dumped) crashed.Shock

The problem is global, servers are crashing randomly on mapchange with it.



Trying to authenticate with WON servers
Error connecting to Auth server: ES_INVALID_ADDR.
No auth servers parsed from {
Disabling Valve Authentication.

So running, but without authentication unstable, truncated server e.g: some amxmodx admin and stats functions

That is ever since steam, no steam = no support Angry
#3 ben
on October 02 2017 22:09:19
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