I am dropping the 'e' from NeuWON

The new name will be NuWON.

When i first created this project, I didnt have any good ideas for a name.

This led me to think of something along the lines of 'new' 'won'.

What came out of that was NeuWON.

I think the 'e' in the name is kind of...stupid?

After noticing more and more company and product names using 'nu' as a prefex; I decided that NuWON sounded MUCH better.

I will be keeping neuwon.com but I have already registered NuWON.net

also the whole forum switching thing..
I have the whole user transfer completed but im still working on the skin for the forum when ever i get time.....

Honestly, im just trying to get the new php fusion to work.
The problem with that is: custom infusions and other custom made hard-coded functions, I didnt put any thought into modular code; i.e. making most of the custom code behind the scenes on this cms is just slipped in where I thought would be appropriate.. not into a module that could be used with some other CMS..

On a side note:
The network is finally configured to work as the original WON.Net worked.
That does not mean a game will work; some games still need lobby server hosts

My current focus:
1.) Ground Control Dedicated Server Patch
2.) Homeworld/Cataclysm Patch

3.) Finish Website NuWON game network user management

4.) Upgrade website
5.) Hl1 patch ( had some bugs that I should have cought before releasing)

#1 SimonGhoul
on January 11 2019 08:37:33
I like your motivation, is there something that makes you motivated? money? or do you just like doing this? Donations?

Because it looks like you are putting a lot of work on it and taking it seriously
#2 ben
on January 25 2019 03:24:45
I think it is just the fact that i loved the original non-steam half-life game when i was a child.. I spent around 3 years figuring out how to patch hl bugs and create a network for it..

that used to be my motivation.

Now my motivation is just the fact that i've put so much time into this project (since 2012) . Basically, if I don't finish it I will feel like that time was wasted and 6+ years amounted to nothing..
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