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we need to boost the user base!!!
so ive been sitting here and thinking, we really need to get a boost in the userbase happening, get some HL and CS server going and whatnot.

the only thing i question is, how to accomplish this.

any ideas?
I had a list of forums that I found to be good places to advertise.
I've also had some success in emailing web hosts that own fan sites for specific WON.Net games.

here is that list... https://neuwon.com/forum/viewthread.p...read_id=38

Like I've said before, I NEED help with this project...

I want to get someone on board who would specifically advertise for NuWON; basically someone on the team who only does advertising..

This project is MASSIVE. For comparison: the won network was an company pretty seperated from sierra. Meaning they had a group of 12+ dedicated developers,moderators,engineers,programmers,IT,human resources.

The code base itself is well over 50,000 lines of code.

I'm one person. Besides disassembling games to look for a specific bug or a place to improve the game, I am also creating the code for the patch.
I also work on adding user moderation/controls into the website itself.
And adding features and fixing bugs in the actual WON server code...
And trying to organize and run the servers.
AND helping the few other hosters fix their issues....

so if you could help with that ill add you to the team and itll grow the user base alot Smile
hmm that is a good point, im thinking of ways i can help out, i can probably as previously discussed lend some server power as a master server.

How many actual game servers are running and get populated? any way to tell? did the whole Steamless player base migrate over or no?
also, the website says half life patch is out but i can only find
currently trying to get a counter-strike server going but having issues with getting HLDS to even start at the moment, its currently just opening briefly then closing again, not sure if the instructions are incorrect or HLDS is actually having a problem, help?
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still cant get HLDS to cooperate unfortunately, instantly closes
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